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No upcoming events!

Hotel WP Film Festival
Σεπτέμβριος - 2015

Planning on enjoying beautiful Hoel WP in the fall? Our concierges from Sailing Hotel and Hotel WP Square put together a great list of activities and news hot spots for you to visit. Hoel WP Film Festival runs from September 10th to September 20th. Take in a films, go stargazing or catch the buzz about this years Oscar contenders.

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Flash Chorus On The Roof
Μάρτιος - 2016

Flash Chorus is coming back to the roof and this time, we’re going to be singing two, yet to be determined, 80’s songs from the soundtrack to the Netflix’s Orginal Series “Stranger Things” Not familiar with the soundtrack? You can watch the show or follow this link to a youtube playlist.

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Fall craft beer dinners
Ιανουάριος - 2016

Whether you’re an avid foodie, a beer aficionado or both, you’ll love taking in the complex flavors and aromas in our Fall Craft Beer Dinners at EATS Kitchen & Bar. With local brew masters as your guides, you’ll try a variety of fall-inspired beers paired perfectly with an exclusive five-course menu. Let the tasting adventure begin!

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Late Night BBQ and Beer
Αύγουστος - 2016

Every Thursday night in September, we’re partnering with PICNIC Durham’s BBQ man, to offer late night BBQ sandwiches and beers on the roof in celebration of the first annual NC BBQ Revival Oct 29-30 at Green Button Farm. Don’t miss this rare appearance of PICNIC BBQ sandwiches outside of their natural Cole Mill Rd.

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